How it works

Our royalty-based loan products are very simple loans or lines of credit that are supported by an interest in oil and gas royalties. In most cases, we lend up to 25 times the current monthly royalty revenue you are receiving from your oil and gas interests. With a flexible set of loan terms to choose from, you can select the loan structure that works best for your specific needs.

​We offer non-recourse loans, meaning there is no additional personal liability to you, should the value of your royalty interest decrease. Our loans are simple interest and structured like a traditional mortgage. Your monthly payments will be applied to the loan balance each month until the loan balance is paid off and there are no penalties for paying the loan back early.

​We pride ourselves on offering reserve-based financing to the royalty owner; the same financing utilized by the company who drilled and operates the property.

Simple Process

Getting a royalty loan with TCT Financial is an easy way to access your cash when you need it.

1. Our experts evaluate the borrower’s royalty interest and approve the loan.

2. The borrower reviews and signs the loan documents.

3. We run a quick title check to verify the interest has clear title.

4. The loan is funded.

5. Monthly payments made by the borrower are applied to the loan balance until the balance is paid off.


“Please accept my most sincere heartfelt gratitude for not only the loan you made on my meager oil royalties several years ago, but far more important to me was the manner in which you treated me. This will stick with me for the rest of my life. Respect, Kindness, Honor, Dignity, Gentleness and Integrity are only a few of the words which come to mind to express the well-earned recognition of your fine professional organization. I know I am pouring a lot of gravy on your biscuits here, but the simple fact is, you actually mean that much to me. Borrowing money is a funny thing. It can be not only confusing, but also humbling and you are at a total stranger’s mercy. You’re vulnerable. And, when you get treated like you have treated me it just makes you howl out your praises. The experience from the beginning was awesome. The rate and term were beyond fair. The money was sent immediately, and you never once made me feel like less than a good person in the process. An absolute pleasure and cannot more highly endorse, recommend, encourage, invite or admonish anyone considering a loan on their oil royalties to contact you immediately. I myself, have been a mortgage broker for 25 years and understand the many moving parts of a mortgage loan. I am a real client and borrower of Chase Thompson and I can tell you I’d have no greater pleasure than to speak with anyone wanting to chat with me.

Chase Thompson and his fine organization is a one of a kind outfit. They raised the bar when it comes to customer service! May God bless you all!

– Roland H.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who needs that extra help. A loan that you basically pay yourself back with money you receive from your minerals and royalties monthly, but yet get the advantage to do what you want sooner with a lump sum up front of your own money. Chase Thompson goes out of his way to present you with several options and you decide what can work best for you. No long waits to be approved and was done in a matter of days!

– Cheryl M.

If you own oil and gas royalties:

You have the opportunity to apply for a personal Royalty Loan from TCT Financial.


  • Easy to qualify
  • No credit check
  • No background or employment history check
  • No restrictions on the use of your loan funds
  • You keep your royalty payments

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